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Garage Floor Epoxy Resurfacing in Glendale

Saddle tan epoxy blended flakes

Residential and commercial property owners benefit by maintaining the function of their garages. EPOXYLA specializes in treating concrete floors. A new epoxy coating can provide a polished look and add durability and function to garage flooring, not to mention help it last longer.

Our epoxy flooring contractors in Glendale are experienced installing popular coating systems for customers. These include solid, color-blended flake systems with a terrazzo-like appearance. A variety of blended-flake surfaces are available, but we can provide solid colors and a variety of durable metallic finishes as well.

Installing an epoxy floor finish in your garage can be a sound investment in home improvement and yield benefits such as:

  • Durability
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chemical, stain, and oil resistance
  • Hiding small holes and cracks
  • Protection against falling tools/objects
  • A sealed, waterproof floor
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Resistance to moisture

In addition, a concrete epoxy resin can help brighten up the room, without adding lights, and reduce the amount of dust on cars, storage bins, and tool benches. It’s also easy to clean, so brake fluid, oil, or anti-freeze can be easily wiped away.


Protect Your Garage Floor Against Wear and Tear

Whether you use your garage just to park your car, or for work and/or storage, an epoxy resin in Glendale can help improve the function and value of your home. The coating resists abrasion, impacts, and chipping. You don’t even have to worry about dropping a wrench or if a bicycle or piece of equipment falls over.

Epoxy flooring can give your garage a showroom-like appearance. It reduces the amount of dirt in your home while making the garage easier to clean. Resistance to hot tire pick-up is another benefit. Hot tires can soften thin coatings and, when cool, the treads can pull at the surface and delaminate the floor. Our professional installation solutions avoid this problem so your product can last many years.


What Is Epoxy?

A thermosetting polymer, epoxy is known for how easily it bonds to concrete. It can even be used to resurface an old, worn concrete surface. We use high-quality epoxy formulations. These feature self-leveling thicknesses, which means they can fill the smallest cracks and imperfections to protect your flooring. Contact with sharp objects and car tires does not easily cause damage or wear.

At EPOXYLA, we offer three different formulations. We can install a garage floor coating with a sealer, a completely solvent-based product, or a 100% solid coating. The choices allow us to pick a formulation best suited for the area, easing application and helping us serve customers as best we can. For a high-performance solution, metallic coatings are glossy and reflective, while retaining the same resistance to chemicals, acids, oil, water, and salt.


Trust EPOXYLA for Garage Floor Epoxy Resurfacing

At EPOXYLA, we use industrial-quality materials and a solid two-part resin epoxy base/two-part solid clear epoxy formulation (a 92% polyaspartic clear topcoat can be used as well). We also offer a 4-year warranty against peeling for all residential installations in Glendale and surrounding areas. To learn more, contact us online or call (661) 753-7565.