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Garage Floor Epoxy Resurfacing in Granada Hills

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Home and business owners can benefit from EPOXYLA’s epoxy flooring contractors in Granada Hills. Providing the same quality of service as for clients throughout Los Angeles County, we can help add function, durability, and style to your garage. Epoxy resurfacing can even make a garage floor resistant to wear and tear in the most rugged environments.

At EPOXYLA, we install solid-color, blended-flake, and metallic finishes that are:

  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Chemical-, oil-, and stain-resistant
  • Easily maintained
  • Water sealing
  • Able to resist shock from falling tools

Why an Epoxy Resin in Grenada Hills?

If there are holes or cracks in a concrete floor, our epoxy, which is an advanced thermosetting polymer, can fill them, thanks to its self-leveling properties. The result is a floor that is totally smooth and free of imperfections. Additionally, the solvent-based coating resists impacts, chipping, and abrasion by falling tools, rolling tool boxes, or tipped-over bicycles.

It is resistant to hot tire pick-up as well, meaning it won’t soften with exposure to hot tires, and then pull up with the tire treads after cooling. Other coatings can easily be delaminated in this manner. Resistant to chemicals, acids, salt, oil, and water, our solution is long-lasting and maintains its appeal for many years.

EPOXYLA’s garage floor epoxy resurfacing solution has other functional benefits. It can prevent concrete dust from forming and being released into the air, which is a common problem in garages where tool benches, shelves, and cars can get covered in dust. The epoxy brightens up the room as well, even if no new lights are added. When oil, brake fluid, or anti-freeze spills, they are easily cleaned up.

Custom Solutions You Can Count On

Our epoxy flooring contractors in Granada Hills can select from one of 11 standard epoxy/polyurethane colors to install. These range from black to various shades of gray, to beige, safety blue, safety yellow, tan, tile red, and white. Numerous blended flake patterns are available, as well, to add a unique quality to your garage. For an even more creative and durable solution, we offer lava flow metallic epoxy coatings in a wide range of styles.

These options enable you to turn your garage into the ultimate family gathering space, office, or showroom. Each industrial-quality coating consists of a solid two-part resin epoxy base and two-part solid clear epoxy formulation. We can also install a 92% polyaspartic clear topcoat.

Call Today for Service in Granada Hills

As resistant to wear and tear as our coatings are, residential customers receive a 4-year warranty with each installation that covers any peeling. Our team is efficient—jobs can often be completed within 24 hours. For more information on how we can help install a garage floor epoxy resin in Granada Hills garages, call 661-753-7565, or request your free quote online.