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Premium Epoxy Coating System by Epoxy LA

High-quality, Moisture Resistant, Made in USA 1100 PSI Epoxy Coating System

Epoxy LA offers premium quality, moisture-resistant 1100 PSI epoxy coating solution that is extraordinarily impermeable and tough. It is a two-component modified epoxy solution without VOC to block the emission of moisture vapors from existing and new concrete slabs. This unique coating has matchless adhesion to concrete that exceeds 1,000 psi that firmly holds concrete surfaces blocking vapors and moisture beneath them. Additionally, you can enhance surface protection by applying our polyaspartic topcoat.

Why You Need Our Epoxy Coating?

Concrete slabs are porous, and the water below the surface saturates them. This underground water continuously exerts upward pressure on the concrete slabs exceeding 500 psi. Most of the moisture barriers available in the market have 300 to 400 psi adhesion capacity, which is not enough to resist the pressure of moisture from below.

Due to this, these moisture barriers delaminate and cause flooding inside your property. Unlike conventional moisture barriers, our epoxy coating has 1100psi capacity and can easily withstand the underground water pressure exerted on concrete surfaces. It doesn’t allow penetration of moisture, thus preventing flooding and increasing the life of the concrete.

metallic epoxy

Why Choose Our Epoxy Coating?

Our unique epoxy coating features cutting-edge properties that make it one of the best and most reliable epoxy products available in the market.

  • Zero VOC
  • Made in the USA under strict quality controls
  • Non-inflammable
  • Remarkable adhesion to concrete that exceeds 1000 psi
  • Guaranteed to stick firmly to the concrete slab and doesn’t delaminate
  • High resistance to moisture and even the harshest chemicals such as battery acid, paint strippers, and others
  • Minimal surface preparation is needed. Just sweep, remove debris and cleanse the concrete surface using detergent, and it’s all set for the application.
  • Quick-drying formula. The surface is tack-free and ready for the application of the topcoat within 6 hours, while it takes only 3 hours if you use the accelerator.
  • Simple application using a roller or/and squeegee technique. This means both novices and professionals can apply it easily and seamlessly.
  • Cost-effective solution to prevent moisture saturation and improve the life of concrete slabs

Applications of Our Epoxy Coating

You can apply our excellent quality epoxy coating on all types of concrete surfaces with confidence in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.rrrrr


Apply to any concrete surface that has leaks, vapors, and moisture


Apply it on any concrete surface to prevent future vapor and moisture leaks, making them impenetrable


Apply our epoxy coating to protect your concrete surfaces from flooding and moisture problems in future

Get in touch with us now to order our premium quality, cost-effective epoxy coating solution!