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Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Ventura, CA

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A functional garage space is important for your property’s functionality and value. If you have a chipped, rough, or crumbled floor or it looks severely worn, it can have a detrimental impact on the integrity of your garage. Fortunately, EPOXYLA can resurface your garage floor so that it’s not only more durable but looks glossy and fresh as well.

Why EPOXYLA for Garage Floor Epoxy Resurfacing?

We use an abrasion-resistant, water sealing, and chemical-, oil-, and stain-resistant thermosetting polymer that has a self-leveling thickness to fill in any imperfections in the floor. We’re experienced in home improvement and understand the needs of both home and business owners who rely on their garages. Our professional installers use state-of-the-art diamond grinding equipment to prepare the surface, and we can use standard and fast-cure solutions, depending on your specific needs.

EPOXYLA offers 11 standard colors for our epoxy/polyurethane formulations. Whether you need safety yellow, tile red, or a specific shade of gray, we can accommodate you. Our blended tile and lava flow metallic epoxies provide a maximum amount of flexibility in both function, durability, and design. For additional protection, a 92% polyaspartic clear topcoat is available.

An Epoxy Resin for Ventura Homes/Businesses Improves Garage Floor Durability

Treated floors are totally smooth, with all imperfections filled. The solvent-based coating is highly resistant to damage by toolboxes, falling tools, or bicycles that fall over. It can resist virtually any kind of impact. Exposure to hot tires won’t soften the material or pull it up after the treads cool, unlike other types of floors that are prone to hot-tire pick-up. The epoxy is also resistant to salt, oil, chemicals, and acids, as well as brake fluid and anti-freeze.

Spills can be easily cleaned up to keep the surface shiny. The epoxy coating also prevents dust from spreading onto cars, shelves, and tool benches. It can also brighten up the room without adding new lights and using more electricity.

Custom Epoxy Flooring Solutions in Ventura

EPOXYLA employs experienced epoxy flooring contractors in Ventura who can complete projects in as little as 24 hours. We can help you choose the best material, color, and options. Each residential installation comes with a 4-year warranty that covers peeling, despite how resistant to wear and tear the coatings we install are. To learn more about our garage floor epoxy resurfacing services in Ventura and to obtain a free quote, call us at 661-753-7565 today.