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Garage Floor Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Malibu

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A highly functional garage is an asset for any residential or commercial property owner. Epoxy coatings help improve the function of a garage and are extremely durable and impact resistant. Our Malibu contractors can provide garage floor epoxy resurfacing so you can show off your car collection or use your garage as a fully functional workspace.

Our blended epoxy formulation uses two-part formulations. We can apply solid color epoxies or, if the customer prefers a more terrazzo-like surface, color-blended flake systems in various forms. High-performance metallic coatings (including Lava Flow Metallic Epoxies) are also available for customers requiring a glossier and more reflective surface. All our coatings are resistant to the elements, including water, salt, acids, oil, and corrosive chemicals.


Benefits of an Epoxy Resin in Malibu

Our epoxy coatings can add a completely new color, texture, or pattern to your garage floor. There are many other advantages to our high-quality epoxy formulations. The thermosetting polymer we use is self-leveling, so it can fill cracks and any imperfections in the surface. On top of that, we offer solvent-based, sealed, and 100% solid coatings that best suit the application and location.

An epoxy coating is resistant to many types of damage, including impacts and abrasion. If you drop a wrench or power tool, the epoxy coating won’t chip or otherwise be damaged. The same goes if a tool table or bicycle tip over. Hot tire pick-up is also not a concern; a heated tire from a vehicle can soften a thinner, unprotected coating, and the threads can then pull the coating up when the tires cool. Our epoxies resist repeated abuse on many fronts.

From the materials to the installation methods we use, we avoid delamination and other damage, so your garage floor epoxy coating can last for many years. We use garage floor epoxy resurfacing to protect new floors and resurface worn concrete. The surface becomes resistant to moisture and easy to maintain. Spills and stains can be cleaned with soap and water, while light-reflective coatings can make a room brighter without adding new lighting fixtures.


Why Choose Our Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Malibu?

EPOXYLA is known for its high-quality standards and attention to detail, whether a floor is being coated for the first time or it already has an old coating and seal. Old coatings can be removed using our diamond grinding equipment. The surface is then professionally prepared by our technicians to ensure a stronger bond; we can also improve the strength, durability, and appearance of bare concrete floors.

For a free quote with complete pricing per square foot for projects in Malibu, and to request material data sheets, contact EPOXYLA online or call 661-753-7565.