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Your concrete flooring might look fine, but it’s not fully protected without an epoxy coating. If you haven’t already, consider epoxy floor resurfacing to protect interior rooms of your home, deck, patio, or garage or the interior of a restaurant, aircraft hangar, or industrial facility. Epoxy companies near you can help protect your investment. Coating your flooring with epoxy in Los Angeles has many advantages. Here, we will discuss the benefits and explain some of the best options.


How Do Epoxy Coatings Differ from Other Types of Resurfacing?

An epoxy coating is a resinous material that consists of either polyamide or polyamine. The type of curing agent used adds specific properties, impacting the coating’s overall performance. If you’re using the coating as a primer, polyamide is best. It helps lower vapor pressure and provides adhesion and flexibility. Polyamide floor coatings can be recoated more easily and are resistant to moisture.

Polyamines yield harder and more chemical-resistant coatings. Although they’re more resistant to acidic compounds, polyamine floor coatings have a lower pot life. Pot life is defined as the amount of time it takes for an initial mixed viscosity to double, or quadruple for lower viscosity products. Both types of coatings share benefits that apply to the use of epoxies in homes, businesses, and facilities such as laboratories, manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals, and anywhere there is abundant foot traffic.

Polyaspartic coatings are even more corrosion- and impact-resistant, while having a more pronounced high-gloss appearance. Used on floors, as well as exposed metal beams and girders, polyaspartic coatings can be applied quickly. You can be walking and driving vehicles on the surface in 24 hours; our Poly 5000 or 5001 topcoats can be walked on in about six hours.


How Will Epoxy Floor Resurfacing Benefit Me?

A heavy-duty epoxy coating can endure frequent foot traffic and use of equipment and machinery. Epoxy installers in Los Angeles can enable you to see the following benefits:

  • Protection: Concrete is porous and prone to staining, but an epoxy coating can protect it from unsightly blemishes and damage, ensuring it continues to look clean.
  • Durability: Epoxy flooring can withstand the weight above it and resist damage from impacts, abrasions, and chemical exposure, suiting it for a range of commercial and industrial environments.
  • Easy maintenance: Floor coatings are smooth and, therefore, easy to clean. There are no cracks or porous surfaces that can trap dirt; all you need are a broom, a mop, and cleanser.
  • Safety: Additives ensure the epoxy is nonstick even when wet. The reflectiveness of a floor coating adds light to the space, helping prevent accidents and saving energy.
  • Aesthetics: A high-gloss finish is appealing in many environments. Use a single color or add decorative patterns to organize or demarcate specific areas depending on use.

An epoxy coating will also protect the floor beneath it, potentially saving you money in the long run. Other perks include environmental friendliness, as the use of pollutants is minimized during the manufacturing process and during installation. Epoxies also allow for seamless flooring that removes hiding places for bacteria and other microbes, and they dissipate static where protection from static electricity is required.

In addition to being affordable, epoxy coating installation is simple. Special tools and equipment are not needed, while the process doesn’t involve the cutting of adhesives or performing layout steps. To provide even more protection, a metallic epoxy coating can be added, often over an epoxy primer, with a clear coat and polyurethane topcoat. You then end up with an even thicker, more durable coating.

Color Epoxy Floor Resurfacing in Los Angeles

Color epoxies are available to meet specific requirements regarding aesthetics and performance. You might choose a specific color to match the décor of a facility or to designate certain functions for an area. Different paints and colors can hide chips or cracks in the floor under the coating.

EPOXYLA offers standard colors, including Beige, Black, Dark Gray, Gray, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Safety Blue, Safety Yellow, Tan, Tile Red, and White. You can choose colors that suit safety-designated areas or ones that provide a standard look for your floor. Colors can be mixed and matched depending on the area being coated.

Our epoxy flooring in Los Angeles is also available in different Blend Flakes designs. From a lighter Smoke design to the darker Midnight pattern, to Medium Tan Flakes, the options vary in color and ambiance. Others include Tuxedo, Light Gray, California Gray, Saddle Tan, and Hazelnut. Our patterns aren’t limited to solid or flake-like designs. Customers often choose our Lava Flow Metallic Epoxy in Pearl, Silver, Gunmetal, Ocean Blue, Green Apple, Coffee, Titanium, Brass, Copper, and other colors to give their facilities a unique look and feel.


Textured Garage Floor Epoxy Resurfacing

epoxy floor with gravel color flake

Textured epoxies that Los Angeles installers provide can have several advantages. A textured surface can provide traction when a floor is wet, which can mitigate safety hazards and provide slip-resistance. It can also help keep equipment and stored items in place. Textured epoxy surfaces are especially useful in garages where vehicles may track slippery items and moisture from outside, preventing slippage of vehicles so they are easier to navigate in tight spaces.

Facility occupants are protected as textured surfaces are less slick, reducing the risks of slip and fall accidents. Having a textured floor surface in your garage can prevent injuries, time out of work, and costly legal action. It affords peace of mind. Not only are you protected against falls, but if you accidentally drop a wrench or another tool, the coating can withstand the impact without being damaged. If you’re a mechanic, rolling equipment can be used without worry, and oil and anti-freeze can be easily cleaned up.

Residential Garage Floor Epoxy Resurfacing

Our Los Angeles epoxy floor installers work with residential customers. While special installations can minimize downtime, most installs require no foot traffic for at least two days, and no vehicle traffic for about 72 hours, depending on the epoxy material. Our polyurea fast-cure epoxy requires less downtime. If the temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit or higher during installation, no foot or vehicle traffic can contact the surface for 24 hours; if it’s cooler than that, the turnaround time is 48 hours.

A residential garage can feature more than a simple gray cement floor. Many homeowners choose to use their garage as a work or living space. Alternative colors and blends of color flakes can give your space a unique appearance. The curing process is a chemical reaction that gives epoxy a strength and durability you won’t find with paint. Epoxy resists damage from household items and prevents concrete chips from tracking into the house. Your home becomes safer and cleaner and will possibly seem more appealing to future potential buyers.


Epoxy.LA: The Best Epoxy Flooring in Los Angeles Since 2006

solid light grey epoxy floor

Our epoxy floor installers have been protecting industrial, commercial, and residential concrete floors throughout Los Angeles. We service customers in San Fernando, Simi Valley, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Antelope Valley, Orange County, and all of Southern California. While coating concrete floors, we use a diamond grinding system that captures nearly all dust removed during the process. For more information on one of the most reputable epoxy installers near you, and coating projects ranging from 400 sq. ft. garages to 5,000 sq. ft. airplane hangars, contact EPOXYLA today at 661-299-5762 or submit your details online.