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Garage Floor Epoxy Resurfacing in Northridge

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Garage floors do not have to be dull, chipped, or worn out. In fact, a cracked or stained floor in your garage can reduce the property value of your home or business. Rather than leave the floor to crumble and take on the look of oil or anything that spills, our epoxy flooring contractors in Northridge can quickly resurface it and leave your garage looking glossy, new, and fresh.

Customers throughout the Northridge area rely on EPOXYLA to restore their garage floor’s integrity, appearance, and durability.

Benefits of a Functional, Long-Lasting Epoxy Resin

The epoxy resin we install in Northridge and throughout Southern California is:

  • Abrasion-resistant, so you can drop tools or move a bench without damage to the floor.
  • Chemical-, oil-, and stain-resistant; stains clean up easily with soap and water.
  • Easy to maintain, as no special tools or compounds are needed to keep it looking fresh.
  • Solid, while filling all cracks, holes, and imperfections in the concrete surface.
  • Completely sealed, providing a waterproof coating that offers long-term protection.

Another benefit of garage floor epoxy resurfacing is the choice of colors available from EPOXYLA. We offer 11 standard epoxy/polyurethane colors, plus a variety of blended flake patterns and advanced lava flow metallic epoxy coatings that enable you to choose from suitable colors, patterns, and styles.

What Is an Epoxy Resin?

The epoxy resin we use is a thermosetting polymer that bonds to concrete. It contains no volatile organic compounds, yet it is resistant to corrosive chemicals, scratching, and hot tire pick up. For concrete floors with more imperfections, a thicker coating can be applied.

An epoxy coating does more than last and resist damage from everyday use. It also coats concrete to prevent dust from getting into the air. Your garage is, therefore, cleaner and healthier to work in. More reflective coatings can even brighten the room without adding lights or using additional electricity.

Why Choose EPOXYLA

Our epoxy flooring contractors in Northridge provide high-quality, one-day installation of epoxy resin. We can quickly transform your garage, thanks to the expertise of our professional contractors who have re-floored everything from single-car garages to airplane hangars.

In addition to our high-quality standards and attention to detail, we do everything we can to make installation convenient for our customers. Material data sheets are available upon request, and we offer complete pricing per square foot, so you know exactly how much the project costs before we start.

At EPOXYLA, we even prepare your old concrete floor using a special diamond grinder. We’ll remove your old coating and then install the new one. Our full-service approach yields a visually appealing, damage-resistant, and long-lasting garage floor epoxy resurfacing solution for area homes and businesses in 24 hours. To learn more, call us at 661-753-7565, or request a free quote online to get started with our epoxy flooring contractors in Northridge.