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Garage Floor Epoxy Resurfacing in Calabasas

Color Flakes for Epoxy Floor

EPOXYLA is a leader in treating concrete floors in Calabasas and across Los Angeles County. With a new epoxy coating, your garage floor can look polished and become more functional and durable. Our Calabasas contractors can reliably perform garage floor epoxy resurfacing and install solid-color, blended-flake, and durable metallic finishes that are long-lasting and stylish.

Resurfacing a floor helps mitigate the impacts of wear and tear. If your flooring is crumbling, has holes or is chipping, or has been stained by oil and other spills, it is time to consider garage floor epoxy resurfacing.


Upgrade Your Garage Floor in Style

When your garage floor is showing signs of wear, your first move might be to dig it up and pour a new concrete floor. However, that is often more work than necessary. Our contractors can grind away surface damage with our diamond grinding equipment, and then fill any cracks or holes with a liquid substance that renders the surface flawless.

If you choose to install an epoxy resin, our Calabasas contractors can apply various colors and effects. Choose from a range of options, including our blended flakes and metallic lava flow style patterns. We can appeal to your taste and style while improving the look and function of your garage.


Benefits of Epoxy Resin

With an epoxy resin, your garage doesn’t have to be limited to a dingy storage space. It can become a room you want to show off. Turn it into a place to display your luxury vehicle, build a state-of-the-art office, or for your family to gather.

Our epoxy coatings are highly durable. In fact, our technicians can help your garage floor retain a clean, polished look for many years. The waterproof surface is easy to clean as well. It is also resistant to damage from ordinary abuse, whether from cars or tools.

An epoxy resin coated garage floor can resist deterioration from exposure to motor oil and chemicals. It is also resistant to abrasion, cracking, and chipping—risks that are ever-present with untreated concrete floors. Drop a wrench, and your floor will remain blemish-free.


Why Choose EPOXYLA

EPOXYLA is a family-owned and -operated business treating concrete floors of all sizes since 2006. We can often complete a job within 24 hours. Our team is trained and experienced to correct damage to your garage floor while helping to make your garage space more functional and aesthetic and even increasing property value.

We use a diamond grinding system that captures 99.9% of concrete dust, and we apply a solid two-part resin epoxy base/two-part solid clear epoxy formulation to completely protect concrete garage floors. A 4-year warranty is available with every residential garage floor epoxy resurfacing job in Calabasas.

To schedule service by our epoxy flooring contractors in Calabasas, call us at 661-753-7565 or request a free quote online today.