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Garage Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Burbank

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Residential and commercial property owners don’t often think about how important their garages are. A worn or damaged garage floor can reduce the function and value of your garage, home, or business. That’s why our Burbank technicians provide garage floor epoxy resurfacing services that are suited for single-family homes, business showrooms, and even airplane hangars.

Why Is Our Epoxy Resin Preferred by Burbank Customers?

EPOXYLA uses a blended two-part formulation that is both self-leveling (automatically filling cracks and small holes when applied) and resistant to corrosive chemicals, acids, oil, and salt. The product seals the floor surface to prevent water entry and damage. It will also not chip, if tools, bicycles, or other objects fall on it, or peel from contact with vehicle tire treads. Every coating we install is solvent-based and 100% solid.

Our epoxy flooring also requires little maintenance. It can last many years without being chipped or delaminated. If oil spills on the surface or a chemical has created a stain, it can be cleaned with soap and water. The benefits don’t end there. The coating prevents concrete dust from spreading into the air and coating tools, benches, vehicles, and cabinets, while light-reflective options brighten rooms without installing new lights.

Types of Epoxies We Offer

EPOXYLA can accommodate a wide range of preferences and budgets. Our epoxy flooring contractors in Burbank can install beige, black, dark gray, and other color options among our 11 standard solid color choices. We offer several blended flake patterns as well. An array of unique lava flow metallic epoxies, which provide glossier and more reflective results, are also available.

Each type is a self-leveling thermosetting polymer that can add a new color, pattern, or texture to any garage floor. For customers requiring an even faster turnaround time, polyaspartic/polyurea coatings are also available, and these can cure in 24 hours, even in colder temperatures. By comparison, our standard coatings require two days before walking or putting objects on them, and three days before supporting vehicles.

We can transform any garage quickly, creating a distinct space and increasing property value. You will then have a solid, damage-free epoxy resin floor in Burbank to show off your luxury car collection or transform your showroom into a bright, shiny space.

Why Choose EPOXYLA

EPOXYLA is the #1 garage floor epoxy resurfacing contractor in Burbank, CA. We offer a full-service solution that includes diamond grinding to treat the underlying concrete and remove old coatings. All our epoxy coatings are of high quality. Unlike most of our competitors, we apply 1/4” flakes on top of a solid epoxy base to achieve unbeatable results. Our attention to detail and customer service is second to none.

To learn more and request service by our epoxy flooring contractors in Burbank, call us today at 661-753-7565, or request a free quote online.