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Garage Floor Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Manhattan Beach

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Home and business owners in Manhattan Beach and across Los Angeles County rely on our professional garage floor epoxy resurfacing contractors. EPOXYLA can resurface your garage floor with solid-color, blended-flake, and metallic epoxies that are durable, stylish, and long-lasting. Wear and tear eventually take a toll on any concrete floor, but our epoxy resurfacing services can mitigate and eliminate the effects of time on your flooring.

If your garage floor is dull, chipped, or cracked, or even stained, it can reduce the function and value of your home or business. It might not seem like it, but a smooth, flawless concrete floor can greatly expand the potential of your space.

Why an Epoxy Resin for Manhattan Beach Garage Floors Is Beneficial

Over time, exposed concrete can start to crumble, leaving a mottled surface and dust throughout your garage. An epoxy resin contains this dust, protecting equipment, tools, and vehicles. It is solid and self-leveling, so all holes, cracks, and imperfections are covered and hidden. To top it off, the coating is waterproof, so it provides long-term protection for your garage floor.

Other benefits of garage floor epoxy resurfacing include:

  • Abrasion resistance: Move heavy equipment or drop a tool without damaging the coating.
  • Stain resistance: Soap and water clean up any oil, antifreeze, or chemical stains.
  • Simple maintenance: No special compounds or tools are needed to maintain the look.

Why Epoxy Resin Is the Right Choice

The thermosetting polymer used with our epoxy resin bonds to concrete. In addition to its durability and resistance to hot tire pick up, it bonds strongly to concrete and can be applied in greater thicknesses if your floor has more imperfections. It provides a cleaner and healthier workspace and is reflective. Higher reflectivity coatings are available if you want to brighten up the room, without adding more light fixtures and using more electricity.

We also offer a wide variety of options, including 11 standard colors. Numerous blended flake patterns and ultra-modern lava flow metallic epoxy coatings are also available to match your color and stylistic requirements.

EPOXYLA: The Leader in Epoxy Resin in Manhattan Beach

Since 2006, our family-owned-and-operated company has been serving clients with concrete floors of all sizes. Our trained, experienced contractors can fix and restore your garage floor and add function to your space, which can increase aesthetics and boost property value. First using a diamond grinding system to capture nearly all the concrete dust on your old floor, we then apply our special formulation to restore and protect the surface. Each job comes with a 4-year warranty and exceptional customer service.

For assistance or to schedule a consultation, call our epoxy flooring contractors in Manhattan Beach at 661-753-7565 or request a free quote online.